Family History photos

Family History photos

Anniversary Sale

Our Beginnings

Fox Ford of Waynesburg opened its doors on July 18, 1921, when L.L. Long founded the Mt. Morris Motor Company in Mount Morris, PA. The company sold new and used vehicles, as well as Ford Tractors and equipment. The following month, The United States officially ended World War I with a peace treaty signed with the Germans and Warren Harding was President of the United States.

On January 1, 1929, three brothers-in-law, Ollie J. Fox, Raymond L. Fox, Willis E. Fox and Mr. Long purchased the Mt. Morris Motor Company. Remarkably, through the hard work and dedication of the Fox's, the business managed to survive the Great Depression, which began only 11 months following the change of leadership.

Overhead View

Nearly A Century Of Growth

The brothers decided to purchase real estate in Waynesburg, PA, and on March 1, 1941, the Fox Motor Company was opened in conjunction with the Mt. Morris Motor Company. Due to the ban on all new vehicle production following Pearl Harbor and during WWII, nine months after the opening of the new store, the Fox brothers had to look to other options to keep both dealerships open. The stores relied on used car sales, fabrication of auto parts, selling gasoline, and a trucking business hauling Red Dog and stone.

Ollie's Son

Nearly A Century Of Growth

Ollie's son, Robert W. Fox, joined the Fox Motor Company's team in June of 1946 as a mechanic and went on to grow the business while continuing the Fox legacy of great service to both his customers and the local community.

The Ford Tractor business was sold in 1953 to employee Charles VanDruff, the Mount Morris property was sold to Jeanie Russell, and a new body shop was built near the Waynesburg store.

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The Next Generation

Raymond retired on November 1, 1964 and sold his share of the Fox Motor Company to Robert W. Fox. Prior to this date, the business was a partnership but became a corporation, Fox Auto Sales, Inc., with three owners.

Following Ollie's death on December 16, 1965, Robert and Willis took over the corporation as the owners.

The two men acquired land immediately East of the dealership and expanded the used car operation. A few years later in 1974 and 1975, Robert's two eldest sons, Ronald B. Fox and David R. Fox joined the corporation as a salesman and detailer.

Willis stepped down from his role as President of the corporation and retired on August 31, 1978, leaving Robert as the sole owner of Fox Auto Sales, Inc.

Ollie's Son

Our Expansion

With Robert as President of Fox Auto Sales, Inc., and three of his sons on his team, ground was broken for a new dealership on August 30, 1996. The construction site was on the opposite end of the car lot. The new building was opened for business on April 28, 1997, and with a new name Fox Ford Mercury, Inc.

In 2004, the owners purchased a former BP station and renovated it to become their used car dealership. In 2011, the building was renovated again and is now the dealership's five-bay Quick Lane business


Our Future

President Robert W. Fox died on May 15, 2012 leaving his three sons to continue the business and legacy.

Mark E. Fox became President of Fox Ford, Inc. on April 1, 2013. Mark, Ron, and David continue to serve the community as volunteer firefighters and community leaders. Mark serves as a board member of the local bank and is active on the Board of Waynesburg University.

The Fox's have always believed strongly in delivering exceptional service to their customers and look forward to serving client needs for years to come.

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