The Ford Edge's 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine

Straightforward versatility, useful and up to date technological specs, and an exciting ST version have made the Ford Edge one of the most popular mid-size SUVs currently on the market. However, it is the engine choices that really help determine whether or not this vehicle is right for the driver.

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Brave the Elements in a 2019 Ford Flex

Ford introduced the Flex in 2009 as a midsize SUV that offered the seating of a larger vehicle in a smaller size. While the Flex may be best known for its third row and storage capacity, this model also offers several convenient features that can come in very handy in inclement weather.

Once the windshield wipers have been turned on, they will automatically slow down, speed up or turn off based on the amount of moisture present on the windshield. 

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Check Out the Ford Escape and the Technology Features

The Ford Escape is once again seen as a popular crossover vehicle that is turning drivers heads. These technology features are setting the bar in a competitive industry.

The Ford Escape has the Lane-Keeping System to help with drivers who may be distracted or tired behind the wheel. If the driver allows the vehicle to drift out of the lane, the steering wheel starts vibrating to the point the driver needs to take action. Once the driver corrects the vehicle, the system goes back to monitoring the road.


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The Ford Focus Will Take You Back

Think back to when you first started driving. Do you remember when you would get excited as you slid in behind the wheel? Do you want that feeling back? Get ready, one of the most popular midsize SUVs, the Ford Edge, wants to remind you how to slip into that world of wonder.

You can accent the ruggedly posh interior with the soft glow of ambient light in seven different colors: blue, soft blue, orange, purple, green, red or Ford's trademark Ice Blue. The front footwells and cupholders, center console and door, handles go from functional features to things…

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Ford Focus Technology Features Drivers Appreciate

Why is the all-new Ford Focus still considered a popular compact car? Just take a look at these impressive new technology features, and you'll see what the buzz is all about.

Get the Ford Focus out on the highway and the Blind Spot Information System will kick into effect to monitor around your vehicle. The way this feature works is the monitor watches around your vehicle for another vehicle that gets into your blind spot, sending you an alert to not change lanes until the car has moved on.

The Focus also has Smart-Charging USB ports that will help…

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Ford Fusion Design Makes a Statement

When you choose a Ford Fuzion, you make a statement about yourself. This mid-size sedan is meant to be noticed, allowing you to stand out from the crowd while on the local streets. With the S Appearance Package, you'll get 18-inch premium dark stainless wheels and a rear spoiler. An available power moonroof allows you to enjoy lots of fresh air and sun.

Inside, the Fuzion is just as outstanding. Opt for the SE Appearance Package, and you'll get black cloth and vinyl bolster seats with medium stone stitching. You'll also enjoy a leather-wrapped steering wheel a…

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Check Out These Interior Features That Come With the 2018 Ford Expedition

Are you shopping around for a new full-size SUV? If you are, we invite you to learn about the 2018 Ford Expedition. Not only does the new Expedition come with a wide range of exterior and performance features, but it also comes with numerous interior features that make it a superior choice among full-size SUVs. To learn more about the interior features included with the new model, read further.

The interior includes an available panoramic Vista Roof. This sunroof provides your passengers with ample viewing capability due to the two panels housed above the second and third row of seats…

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A Quick Look at the 2018 Ford Expedition Interior Features

If you are in search of a new full-size SUV, the 2018 Ford Expedition is among the best options on the market. The full-size SUV offers a wide range of performance, capability, exterior, and interior features. If you want to know more about the interior features that come equipped with the new model, read further.

The new Expedition comes with available enhanced noise control. This system provides you with a quiet cabin because it mimics noise-canceling headphones to eliminate unwanted noise from the outside. The new model also includes a Cargo Management System.

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Ford Super Duty: Tough Enough to Handle the Load

Ford did not take the word durability lightly when it designed the new Super Duty truck. If you have a big load to haul, you will appreciate the truck’s 21,000-pound towing capacity. Check out how Ford achieved this feat of engineering.

The Ford Super Duty features a 7,630-pound maximum payload and is best in its class. It reduced its weight by using a heavy military-grade aluminum body. This reduced the weight but created a strong, dent resistant hull. It improved its frame to include 10 steel cross members, making it resistant to torsion and flex.

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Safety Technology in the Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a full-sized sedan that has enough room for five adults to ride comfortably. The Taurus has long been one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. It is noted for its safety and reliability.

The Taurus has been designed with technology that keeps drivers and passengers safe. The Ford Taurus is equipped with adaptive cruise control. If sensors detect a slow vehicle ahead, the cruise control will automatically slow your vehicle down. The Taurus also has a lane keeping system. If you begin to drift out of your lane, the sensors will trigger the…

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