The Technological Features of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

Large families and organizations prefer the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon for the space and comfort the vehicles provide. The 2019 models make trips even more pleasant via the host of technological features they offer. Get a glimpse of the latest wagons in our Waynesburg, PA inventory.

A camera strategically mounted behind the windshield alerts drivers when accidentally veering into the wrong lane by emitting a gentle vibration of the steering wheel. The system is handy in the event that a driver diverts their attention from the road or becomes tired after traveling for many hours without stopping.

When precipitation falls, the windshield wipers automatically engage and adjust speed depending on the amount of rain or snow. When a strong wind impacts the side of the vehicle, the stabilization technology applies the brakes on only one side to offset the force and ensure the driver remains in control. Take a Transit Wagon for a test drive from our Fox Ford of Waynesburg showroom.

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