Conquer Any Path with the Ford Explorer

If you're looking for a vehicle that's designed to keep you safe, check out the new Ford Explorer. The Explorer is a popular three-row SUV that's available at Fox Ford of Waynesburg. Whether you're driving through rough Waynesburg streets or tackling off-road paths, this SUV can get you to your destination. It's available with Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control features.

The Hill Start Assist system can help you maintain control whenever you're climbing an incline. It prevents the SUV from rolling backward whenever you stop, especially if you're towing heavy cargo. Once initiated, the anti-lock brakes will automatically hold for up to two seconds. This gives you enough time to hit the acceleration pedal and move forward.

The Hill Descent Control feature works similarly. It's available on all-wheel-drive models. When this feature is turned on, the brakes work to help you go down a hill safely. The braking system automatically engages to regulate speed on your way down.

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