Zip Through Curves in the Ford Taurus

Whether you're going through tight curves in Waynesburg or exploring winding rural roads, a Ford Taurus from Fox Ford of Waynesburg has the technology to keep you safe. This popular full-sized sedan comes with AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control as a standard feature. Within this package are two systems that are specifically designed to tackle curves and turns.

The first feature is Torque Vectoring Control. It can keep you stable by creating additional torque on specific wheels. As you're going through a curve, braking power is applied to the inside wheels closest to the curb. As a result, more torque is delivered to the outside wheels. Typically, these are the wheels with the most grip on the road. You'll be able to go through the curve safely while hugging the curb.

Curve Control is also built to help you maintain stability. However, it uses sensors to determine if you're going to fast around a curve. If you are, the system will slow you down. The Taurus may adjust throttle power and apply the brakes to individual wheels.

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