Ford Super Duty: Tough Enough to Handle the Load

Ford did not take the word durability lightly when it designed the new Super Duty truck. If you have a big load to haul, you will appreciate the truck’s 21,000-pound towing capacity. Check out how Ford achieved this feat of engineering.

The Ford Super Duty features a 7,630-pound maximum payload and is best in its class. It reduced its weight by using a heavy military-grade aluminum body. This reduced the weight but created a strong, dent resistant hull. It improved its frame to include 10 steel cross members, making it resistant to torsion and flex. Ford achieved all of this while still retaining a comfortable ride and superior handling. Any way you look at it, the Ford Super Duty is tough enough to handle the load.

If you want to experience this feat of fine engineering for yourself, stop by Fox Ford of Waynesburg for a test drive today.



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