The Ford Focus Will Take You Back

Think back to when you first started driving. Do you remember when you would get excited as you slid in behind the wheel? Do you want that feeling back? Get ready, one of the most popular midsize SUVs, the Ford Edge, wants to remind you how to slip into that world of wonder.

You can accent the ruggedly posh interior with the soft glow of ambient light in seven different colors: blue, soft blue, orange, purple, green, red or Ford's trademark Ice Blue. The front footwells and cupholders, center console and door, handles go from functional features to things of beauty and allure.

Let some of the outside world in through the Panoramic Vista Roof. The large front glass panel opens fully or tilts up. The smaller fixed panel shares the sky with your passengers in the rear.

Come to our showroom at Fox Ford of Waynesburg today for a test drive. Don't forget to bring your sense of wonder.



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